How Ashgrove Animal Osteopathy is Carbon Neutral

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Carbon Neutrality

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What we're doing...

Our environment plays a vital role in our health. At Ashgrove Health we are determined (it is an integral part of our approach) to minimise any adverse impact we make on the environment. To this end we have embraced the concept of "carbon neutrality". This means adjusting our work and domestic practices accordingly.

For example:-

  • We use low emissions vehicles (and cycle whenever possible!)
  • We print as much of our literature as possible on recycled paper
  • We use solar heating panels to minimise electrical consumption
  • We obtain as many of our supplies as possible, including food, from local producers

To find out more...

We have a long way to go and would appreciate any advice you can offer. If you would like more information on carbon neutrality, you might try the following links:

The Carbon Trust
Climate Care

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